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St. Anthony Medal

Patron Saints can be people we turn to on times of need and Saint Medals can be remembrances of the saint and encouragement in our lives. Their strengths, virtues and circumstances in their lives are things that some of us can identify with. It gives us comfort and strength knowing that we can follow in their footsteps and faith.

We may identify with a patron Saint such as St. Anthony.

St. Anthony was young. A newly confirmed boy who chose the saints name Anthony can find special identification with him and a St. Anthony medal can be a remembrance of this day and its meaning.

Saint Anthony is known as being the Patron Saint of lost articles. God answered his prayer and God was inspirational in bringing the return of Anthony's lost notes. This answered prayer can bring comfort and hopeful optimism to someone searching for something that has been lost.

St Anthony, always pictured with the Divine Child, is associated with the Baby Jesus. A person who feels this closeness to Jesus will have special identification with Anthony and a person seeking this closeness will find courage to continue seeking and find closeness with God.

Someone who has been dedicated to helping the poor can find communion with St. Anthony because this compassion is the divinity in our soul. Anyone who feels that St. Anthony's devotions and prayers have brought charity to him will feel gratitude to Saint Anthony for being a recipient of his help as Saint Anthony is the Patron of the poor and of starvation.

Fisherman, mariners, watermen, and sailors have camaraderie with Anthony because Anthony preached to the fishes that came and listened and heard his message. St. Anthony is the patron against shipwrecks.

Pregnant women can look to Saint Anthony who had a vision of Baby Jesus and he himself was extraordinarily nurturing and kind.

Anthony can be a comfort, comrade and exemplar for all of us as his life is an example that we can admire and follow. This is why wearing a Saint medal can have meaning for us as a constant reminder that the deeds and virtues of Saint Anthony do live with us today, and we have the power to live our lives as he did, with the love of Christ.



- Beverly Roberts

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saint anthony pendant



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St.  Anthony Medal






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